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Cash For Cars New York City Privacy Policy

At Cash For Cars New York City, we sell cars, not data. Our number one priority is to serve our customers, and part of our job is to protect your data and personal information.

As of June 20, 2014, this privacy policy is effective. This policy is subject to change, and we guarantee that any changes made to this policy will only improve your security and privacy. Any changes made to this policy that seek to reduce the privacy rights of our clients are subject to written consent by our clients. You can imagine how difficult that would be to achieve, and so we hope all of our customers can rest assured with our commitment to your security.

Like any company in our line of work, Cash For Cars New York City will ask you for information in order to do our jobs well. Whether by telephone or online, we will ask for information, including but not limited to: your name, your contact information, the physical location of your vehicle, information about your vehicle, and even the best time to get back to you. We do not ask for more than the basics, and we only ask for what we need.

Our website also asks for data through the use of cookies. All of our visitors can accept or decline cookies, and whether you allow us to use them or not you will still get the same great service. While we do not know who allows cookies, we do gather data through them to help us understand how our customers are using our website. The information gathered is used for statistics, and we never know which customers it comes from. Still, it really helps us to serve you even better.

Fear not about us selling your data. That is just not our style. We are in this business for the cars, not the data. Our customers matter to us. If at any point any of our customers feel uncomfortable sharing information, we invite you to come to our offices to speak with a representative in person.